Saturday, January 07, 2006

Fuck It

I've been playing poker for quite a while. I haven't posted because I don't have much to say. It's the same old story. Win a little; lose a lot. Win a lot; lose even more. Plus, my poker blog seems to only attract people advertising for their online poker sites.

What I don't understand is how certain players always seem to draw out on me no matter what. I raise preflop UTG with Aces and the player will call me with K8o to catch a boat on the flop. Yet he doesn't enter any other pots.

I've had it with online poker. To say that it's completely legit is beyond me now. I have lost faith in it.

I've also lost faith in the idea that a good tight-aggressive player will always win in the long run. I've been playing the long run. I've been adhering to the tight-aggressive strategy. I still can't win money. I can't win when my good hands don't hold up and when I can't draw out with proper odds. Those who say that poker is not about luck are only fooling themselves. To me, being lucky means that your hands work out according to the numbers. That means that good hands will not get outdrawn on by long shots. It means that you hit your draws the number of times you're "supposed" to according to the math. But when I can't get my hands to adhere to the numbers in the long run, I know I'm either extremely unlucky or something's wrong.

I have over 425,000 hands recorded in my Poker Tracker. I know that's not a lot, but I figure that it should at least be close to normal allowing for standard deviation. I'm no where close. Poker Tracker lists me as a good player according to the rules set by the Poker Tracker Guide. Yet, I am not a winning player. I have lost a lot of money and all my faith in the numbers and online poker by the book.