Wednesday, July 20, 2005

It's been a while. I haven't posted anything lately because nothing's really happened to me poker-wise.

I've withdrawn most of my money from Empire, and I've decided to concentrate on multi-table tournaments on PokerStars for now. My goal is to play in the WCOOP coming up soon. It will be the largest multi-table tourney I have ever played in, and I hope to make a good showing. So I'll be practicing for that.

The only problem is that tournaments take up a long time, and it's hard for me to find three to four hours where I can just dedicate myself to that tournament. But I'll be trying my best to play in as many tourneys as I can.

It looks like I may be headed to Vegas in a couple weeks. But I'll have to see if I can scrounge up enough money. I'm sad I wasn't able to go during the World Series.


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