Thursday, June 02, 2005

New Record?

So after three-tabling short-handed no limit $200, I finally won my first hand of the session after 45 minutes of play. During that stretch of drought, the best hand I had was AKs once but I was forced to fold when the flop brought all low cards and the loose players were betting like crazy. And that was the best hand by far. I hadn't even seen a QTo or something higher.

I finally won when I simultaneously got TT on one table and another AKs on another table. My TT won when I bet out on the flop and turn with a J on the turn and my only other opponent folded. And I hit my K on the turn and my opponent folded when I raised him.

So all in all a net profit of -$50 after folding blind after blind with the shittiest hands in the world.

But I'm still trying to grind it out.

Good luck to all those out in Vegas for the bloggerfest. I wish I was in Vegas right now.


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