Friday, April 30, 2004

an example

This is just one of the hundreds of hands that I played which resulted in me losing even when playing well.

Party Poker No-Limit Hold'em, $0.50 BB (6 max, 6 handed)

CO ($19.25)
Button ($24.80)
Hero ($39.20)
BB ($40)
UTG ($23.35)
MP ($82.94)

Preflop: Hero is SB with A:diamond:, 9:diamond:.
UTG folds, MP raises to $1, CO folds, Button calls $1, Hero calls $0.75, BB folds.

Flop: ($3.50) 6:club:, K:spade:, A:spade:
Hero bets $3, MP calls $3, Button folds.

Turn: ($9.50) J:heart:
Hero bets $6, MP raises to $78.94 (All-In), Hero folds.

Final Pot: $94.44

MP shows King-Jack offsuit for Two Pairs.

Now imagine this but with different hands where I always go in with the lead preflop or on the flop, but no matter what, I always lose. This happened over 300 times yesterday over and over and over again. Now you know how I feel.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Is it better to be lucky than good?

Update on my biggest loss ever...over $500 today.

Here's a fun hand:

Game is $50 buy-in No Limit Hold'em 6 max.
I'm dealt pocket Aces in one away from cutoff. Under the gun limps. I raise to $4. Cutoff folds. Button folds. Small Blind folds. Big Blind calls. Under the Gun calls.

Flop comes little cards all spades. I don't have a spade.

Big Blind checks. Under the gun bets $4. I raise to $8. Big Blind calls. Under the gun calls.

Turn is a King of hearts.

Big Blind checks. Under the gun checks. I bet all-in (around $30). Big Blind (who has about $25) calls. Under the gun folds.

River was a nine of spades.

Want to make a guess as to what the Big Blind called all-in with? Leave a comment in the comment box if you feel like. I'll have answer in the comments section.

Anyway, my entire day was spent folding hand after hand after hand of crap cards. And when I did finally get a hand, they always got cracked by some amazing shit. And I could only sit and cry as I watched my pocket pairs fall like flies running into one of those electric bug zappers. There were times when I got outdrawn, and there were some times when my Jacks and Queens just kept running into Kings and Aces.

I raise with pocket Queens. One guy calls. Another guy re-raises. I re-raise all-in. The caller folds. And the re-raiser calls showing me his monster hands. I couldn't believe all my pocket pairs always ended up being dominated by a bigger pair or getting outdrawn on. So frustrating.

Yes yes. All poker players go through periods like this. Yes, it's all a part of poker. But after 1200 hands played today, you'd figure something good must have happened. At least one monster pot? No.

Party Poker is as full of fish as ever. I just kept getting beaten up, chewed, and spit out by these fish and their incredible wins. But I'm sure you've all heard the same stories before. So I'll stop with the whining.

I just don't know if I can continue to play poker if I have to go through something like this again. I'm going to lay off poker for a little while. Good luck at the tables. Because as much as we'd like to believe in controlling our own fate, luck does play a huge role in the game we poker players have chosen to play.


Took a huge blow today...over $380

It was a combination of getting unlucky and going on tilt. I've had my King-Queen beaten by lesser hands six times in a row. I'm not going to play King-Queen for a while. I've also never seen so many "hammers" (7-2), 5-2, J-3, and 5-4 hands in my life. If I could bet what hands I would get next, my money would be on those. I've also lost three times with pocket Queens and twice with pocket Jacks with no wins with a pocket pair so far. Not a good day.

But I believe it's during these tough moments that a poker player is defined. Does he/she go on tilt? Does he/she take it in stride? I guess I chose the former and it cost me a ton of money. But it's not just tilt. I just couldn't seem to win no matter what today.

And just as I'm typing this up, my Ace-Ten of spades loses to a Queen-Ten of hearts, and my pocket Jacks lose to I don't know. The flop is so horrible; I can't continue. It's just one of those days, I guess. One of those days.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Tightening Up

Much thanks to Lord Geznikor (check out his site, some really interesting stuff) for the comment about tightening up my play. At full, ten-handed ring games, I usually stay away from hands lower than KQ. But at short-handed tables I tend to loosen the requirements a bit. But I've realized I've become too lax with my starting hands.

Taking a look back, I believe that I played way too many Ace-Little hands and suited connectors (I played 5-4 suited and up from the button). But I agree; I think this led to a greater variance in my poker winnings/losses, so I'll be eliminating them from my game.

I've also realized I've been consciously making an effort to win with a flush. I would play hands such as Ace-Six and Ace-Seven, if they were suited, from any position. I think my long drought of not winning with a flush has me doing this. It's like I need to catch a four-flush flop and complete the flush on the turn or river to prove to myself that I'm not unlucky. Since everyone else seems to catch their flush, why can't I? But, of course, this is really stupid. I need to just play my friggin game and not worry about stupid things like that, especially since I've been doing pretty well these days. Paraphrasing T.J. Cloutier, you should play hands for their strength in value, being suited is just a small bonus.

Other than that, I just need to continue to look for the good games (which are abundant on Party) and play my best.

I've crossed the millenium mark in my bankroll for the first time in my poker career. I always used to cash out some amount of money when I hit the 500 mark. But this time, I wanted to improve my game and get a solid enough bankroll to move up in limits and such. Right now, the 50 and 25 no limit tables are where I play. With a little more success, I think I'll dabble in some 100 no limit and maybe even some 3/6 limit games.

I want to be humble, but it's hard not to be proud of myself. I started playing online about ten months ago, and I believe I've grown quite a bit as a poker player. But I know I still have a LONG ways to go to become a good player, maybe even one day be considered a shark. Haha. Anyway. This is the longest stretch of success I've had playing poker, and I hope it continues with smart play.

Monday, April 26, 2004

the luck factor

"You can set up all the plays in the world, you can play perfectly on a hand, and you can still lose. There's nothing you can do about it." - T.J. Cloutier

"There's no such thing as luck? Convince someone who's unlucky." - Mean Gene

Well, I knew I was bound to hit that wall sooner or later. I just wasn't expecting to hit it at sixty mph. I haven't hit a set or a flush in three weeks. It's disheartens me to be beat by miracle draw-outs all the time when I can't even hit a flush.

The strange thing is I thought I had learned to cope with "cold cards" and people drawing out on me. But I guess not. I still go on tilt at times, and that's something I'm going to have to work on. I just wonder why some guys can play any two hands and keep hitting their hands while I play only "premium" hands and keep losing with them. Just how premium are these things if they keep losing?

Well, enough moaning and groaning. Gotta take another look at my game, sit tight, and just try to ride out this storm.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

The Party Continues...

If you play poker, you owe it to yourself to check out PartyPoker and EmpirePoker. They are the most popular poker sites online, and the games are better (nice fish) than anywhere else.

Current PartyPoker Bankroll: $919.76
Current EmpirePoker Bankroll: $117.76

I started with $50 on PartyPoker at around mid-February. I had some ups and downs, not to mention some tough losses. At that time, I was trying to get used to the notion of playing online for profit, and I'm not going to lie to you; it was tough. But the "fish" (the loose/passive calling stations abundant on PartyPoker) allowed me to stay on and keep playing despite some losses. And now, a couple months later (and a couple of nice cash outs later as well), I understand how to play the game better, and my time online these days is very profitable. With work, continued diligence, and willingness to learn, I have improved my play, and now, I'm "earning" over $32 per hour of play online (average over time). I keep a log of and chart my bankroll every half-hour. And I have the numbers to prove this! PartyPoker is the best place to play. I hope to continue to improve my game, and make more money doing it!

I joined EmpirePoker a couple days ago to check out what the differences were between these two sites. Well, I found out that the live table games are the exact same as on PartyPoker. EmpirePoker just is a different "skin" (it has a blue interface compared to the beige/redness of PartyPoker). So it's like playing on the same network against the same "fish," but I'm allowed to play under a different name, so that the "fish" won't recognize that they're being followed around from table to table like I do! (I posted a blog about this earlier. Check below or the archives for reference.) The one thing different about EmpirePoker, though, are the tournaments. Every Wednesday and Sunday, EmpirePoker hosts 10k and 50k guaranteed tournaments. The thing is, few players enter these tournaments forcing EmpirePoker to add money to each tourney. So you're getting a LOT more in return for your investment. If you check out PartyPoker's multi-table tournaments, you'll notice that HUGE amounts of players sign up for each tourney (close to 1000 for the $20+$2 tournaments). This is a testament to their popularity. But if you don't feel like trying to beat out 999 other players, EmpirePoker offers similar tourneys with far fewer competition. The games are just as soft and easy, but there's less of them to beat out. And like I said, the guaranteed hold'em tournaments are definitely worth checking out.

Alright, enough of my spiel. But I just couldn't help myself. With the great success I have been experiencing in the past few weeks (even though I've run through periods of "cold decks," I've been able to continue making money through smart play against the weaker players), I had to share this with everyone. I've been busy playing poker whenever I'm not studying (noon, mid-afternoon, late night, pre-dawn early morning), and I'm still making money playing against the supposed "pros". Winning isn't guaranteed, but if you play smart, you will make money off of these guys.

The only two sites you should be playing at are PartyPoker and EmpirePoker.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Games at Party and at Empire are HOT HOT HOT!!!

Party Bankroll: $716.63
Empire Bankroll: $208.87

Still reading bits and pieces of Sklanksy's The Theory of Poker. And like people say, it's not an easy read. It shares many of the same information as Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players, but I believe HPFAP is much better organized than the Theory. It's going to take a while before I finish it.

On the other hand, Ben Mezrich's Bringing Down the House came yesterday, and I finished it in one day. A very fast, easy read. It was interesting to see how they worked, the challenges they faced, and how they tried to overcome them. And it's true that Vegas may no longer belong to gangsters and have gotten a facelift geared towards family entertainment, but deep down inside, Vegas will always be Vegas. Good read if you can it cheap. I do not believe the book is worth the retail $14.00. It's more like a five dollar novel.

Once again, play at Party (promotional bonus code "smartpoker") or Empire (promotional bonus code "holdem132").

Join the Revolution

Poker has been great, as always, at Party and now (newly joined) at Empire. The games are soft and sweet. You should not be playing anywhere else!

Current bankroll at Party: $586.03

And I turned a hundred bucks into $208.87 in only two hours of play at Empire!!!

The reasons for joining Party are simple. It has the best spread of games at the easiest competition. It's simple and easy to navigate their software, and Party is the most popular poker site in the world right now. So what's Empire, you ask?

It's simple. Empire is Party Poker but with a blue skin. You play on the same tables as Party, but the background is now blue, and the characters are a little different. That's it! So why should you join two sites of the same thing? Well, I joined for the second identity. (Keep in mind, this does NOT mean I play at the same table with two different names at the same time! I play under a different name when I'm not playing at Party. Remember the incident I wrote about earlier where the fish started suspecting that people were following them from table to table? Well, not anymore. With my second identity on Empire, I just sit down next to them, and they have no idea that I've played with them before! Plus, Empire has the best guaranteed tournaments around. Their $10k guaranteed tournaments attract far fewer players; thus, Empire has to keep adding money to the tourneys which mean that they lose money, and you gain for the price of admission. You're not playing smart poker if you're not playing at these two sites.

I believe it's important to have fun while you're playing poker. And the best way to have fun is to play against easier competition in order to have a greater chance at winning more money. The low limits, the tourneys, the no/pot limits at Party and Empire are the greatest places to play at. So try signing up; get your deposit bonus, and start winning and having fun while playing poker.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

profitability and growth as a poker player

Good games at the $25 no limit tables are getting harder and harder to find. By good games, I mean tables that are abundant with loose/passive calling stations. I don't mean that they're all gone. But the majority of players are much more conservative, and they play with better knowledge of the game than the fishies. So the games are becoming more of a grind, the kind of games where you expect to win only about $5 to $10 per hour. So what should I do?

It's not that I can't beat the grind. I can certainly sit for hours at a time trying to grind out $5 per table per hour. If I can play profitably at four tables, this may not be such a bad thing. But I can't play my best at four different tables at once. My multi-tasking skills limit me to three at most and even that gets hectic when I catch good hands on more than one table at the same time.

So I took the most obvious way out, and that was to move up in limits.

Even though the games may be a bit tougher, and still a grind if all the fishies are away, my expectation is still greater than it would be at the $25 buy-in tables. So instead of $5 per hour, I can grind away to about $10 to $15 per hour. This, of course, is when the fish are not around, and I'm playing at off-peak hours against fairly knowledgable players.

I was hesitant to do this earlier because of my limited bankroll. But since I'm above the $400 mark, I thought I'd give it a shot and sat down at two 6 max no limit $50 buy-in tables. And a couple of things surprised me.

First off, the play here is not any harder than at the $25 buy-in tables. Fish were in abundant supply and they filled my pockets very nicely. And the games are still soft and passive. Even people who seemed to be winning consistently through intelligent play were not as aggressive as I expected it to be. So I can only attribute this to the kind of players Party Poker draws. Like Iggy says, if you're not playing at Party, you're losing money!

I believe that over the past year since I started playing poker, my play has become better and smarter. But it's not that I know more fancy tricks or plays to use against other players. Instead, I attribute my consistent winning to my mental outlook towards the game of poker.

At a short-handed table, a player was chatting with two other guys about how the games at Party seem to be "crooked." He stated that he's never seen so many draw-outs as at Party. "I never fold 7/4," he said, "it wins more often than AA." And the others chimed in concurrence. Then the player went on to talk about how he never saw such things at Poker Stars.

That got me thinking. At the beginning of my poker playing days, I would have whole-heartedly agreed with this fellow. I've suffered bad beats after bad beats, just as much as the next player. But when he said these things, I disagreed in my head. These bad beats aren't caused by bad software. It's caused by bad players, bad players drawing out on you.

The reason why you'll never get out-drawn on Poker Stars as much as at Party Poker is because there are more bad players at Party than at Stars. And these bad players will call you with nothing hoping to get statistically "lucky." And yeah, they do hit their cards even when their chances are slim. That's poker. And you know what? I like it. I like these players. I like them drawing out on me occassionally. Because over the long run, consistently, I will beat them. So what if they take one big pot away from me? I know that in the future, I will take many more and bigger pots off of them. That's my reasoning. That's my mentality towards the game today.

I also like no limit more than limit. The reason for this is that it gives me a greater chance to maximize my winnings with better hands. With limit, there's a cap to each betting round, and only so much can be won with optimal conditions. But with no limit, you set your own conditions and limits. You can take your opponent for all he has with a single hand. But of course, the opposite of that is you can lose all your money with a single hand. But that's poker. It's making the least amount of mistakes possible and capitalizing on your opponent's mistakes. And with no limit, you can capitalize to table stakes. How can poker get any greater? With a single hand, you can bust him, or he can bust you.

In many respects, I believe life is a no limit hold'em game. Enjoy the game, and play your best.

Current Bankroll: 493.72

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Mental Lapses

I wish I could eliminate mental lapses from my game. The bone-headed plays when I know I should fold, but I call. But for some reason, time and time again, I make these stupid moves. Why? I know better, but why?

Is it just a part of the human brain to do so? Is my brain so curious to find out and make sure whether folding is the right play or not, that it's willing to sacrifice all of my chips, all of my money? This self-doubt is definitely something I need to work on. When top players speak of confidence, I believe this is what they are talking about. Not hesitating about a decision you made. Being assured that you made the right play whether you know for sure or not. This is confidence: to be able to lay down the best hand at times to protect your chips when you know you need to and knowing that the opportunity to win those chips back, and some more, will come in the future. I don't need to call to satiate my curiosity.

There's good curiosity and bad curiosity. The good kind is where you thirst for more knowledge of the game, where you pore over written essays by better players to better your own skills. And then there's the bad, the kind that killed the cat and busted out the poker player.

Keep your chips for another hand, and give yourself the opportunity to win some more.

Current Bankroll: 417.64

Friday, April 09, 2004

the cure for insomnia?...rambo and poker

you know, up until now, i've never really watched first blood. and i didn't finish the movie even though i had a chance to do so tonight. in the middle of it, i quit to play some poker since i couldn't sleep. yes, poker is more interesting than rambo. and the whole premise of the movie was so inconceivable and, in many ways, sad. it showed how such a celebrated veteran of the united states gets treated like a vagabond once he returns to his home, and the government isn't willing to take care of him. just use 'em and dump 'em. i have a couple of friends in the military. and this attitude by the government is exactly what leads to resentment and low morale among the soldiers. perhaps the saddest truth was best revealed by the greatest general america had ever had, douglas macarthur: "old soldiers never die; they just fade away." and he, too, was treated improperly and was forgotten about by the government after all of his accomplishments for america. and the movie portrayed the law enforcement in america in a bad light as well. but what the heck am i talking about? this is a poker blog. sorry, i must be really tired and suffering from sleep deprivation.

so why am i still up, you ask? it's not that i'm not tired, but for some reason, i can't convince myself to hit the hay just yet. maybe after this blog post.

so i sat down at a couple of no limit tables and was prepared to play for a few minutes until i couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. luckily, i ran into some good cards and some players willing to double me up.

current bankroll: 406.89

so after a four days of poker, i'm back to what i started with at the beginning of this week. one strange thing i've noticed is that i often go on these mad rushes and then just hit a plateau that i can't cross. for example, this week, the limit was $400. i could not increase my bankroll much over $400 this entire week of play. and this new amount is the largest i've had so far. when i was playing the $1/$2 limits, the plateau was at $300. no matter how hard i tried, i couldn't build my bankroll past that point. i wonder why that is. it's so weird.

anyway, hopefully, i've broken the 400 barrier completely. and i'll be able to build my bankroll onward from this point.

i think i'm done. good night.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

give me a winning hand

i was asking myself, during my tough times today, "what hand would i like to have next?" most people would answer pocket aces, of course. but i came to the conclusion: the winning hand. whether the winning hand for the next deal are pocket aces or 7-2 offsuit, just give me the hand that will win. and what was the very next hand i was dealt? pocket aces, of course. and the outcome? another loss...of course. but by then, i was expecting to lose, so i lost the minimum possible. which happened to be 10 bucks. so for the day, pocket aces were 0 and 4 for me. yup, zero wins out of four tries. sigh.

one other interesting note. today, i made good use of the "fish finder" (player search option) on party and tried as much as possible to sit with known "fish." and i realized that perhaps i was overdoing it a bit. one of the fish noted that he was being followed around from table to table. and he is a "spirited" talker so to say. he cussed at anyone who beat him in a pot, calling them names and adding racist comments to boot. needless to say, i would enjoy taking this guy's money. so i backed off for a little while until he sat down at a 6 max no limit table. i just couldn't resist! beating him and busting him out made my day, despite the poor overall sessions i had been having today.

i am actually contemplating whether or not to put his screen name up in this blog in case other bloggers happen to come by and want to pick on him. and believe you me, he deserves it in every way. but i guess it would bad on my part to do so. however, if anyone asks me privately, i will gladly lead you to him. and the great thing is, he seems to be loaded because he keeps re-buying every single time after he busts out. or he would leave for a new table and start afresh. he's been doing this since yesterday, so if you ask nicely, i just might tell.

current bankroll: 369.31

so much for hourly expectation

well, after another two hours of up and down play (mostly down), i've struggled to bring my bankroll back up over the three hundred mark. looking back at my bankroll chart, i've noticed that the first 6 hours i've played have been highly successful with huge gains, and the seven and a half hours since have been bad. the variance and swings of poker dictate that such runs (both good and bad) are all just a part of poker. and i can't fault the other player who went all in drawing to two outs against my two pair on the turn. it's all a part of poker, and i have to accept it as difficult as it is for a newbie like me to do so.

tried a multi-table tourney and finished 150 out of 592. my trouble with these tournaments are when i catch no cards and i'm forced to go all-in with marginal hands. and it's very difficult to steal blinds against so many loose/passive calling stations. they'll call with almost anything. so this is good when i have a good hand, bad when i don't (which is most of the time).

current bankroll: 333.86

hourly rates and expectations

well, looking back to just a couple days ago, my hourly rate was in the forties, but like i said, i knew it couldn't last, and my expectations were between twenty and twenty-five per hour. but after the losses i suffered since then, my actual hourly rate has plummeted to 18.56. now, like i said, i still haven't played nearly enough to gather any meaningful statistical data. i've only played about 12 hours since the beginning of this month. i play only monday through thursday, and with school, it's hard to find a lot of time.

so i'm hoping my next few sessions will be very positive, and my hourly rate will meet my expectations.

i made a late-night scramble last night, and i managed to scratch, scrap, and scrape my way to a winning hour after an hour of just up and down play.

current bankroll: 363.51

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

is it inevitable?

i knew a day like this was coming. i knew the deck would turn ice cold on me sooner or later, all as a part of the game of poker, so i was bracing myself for such sessions, but even though i try to mentally prepare for it, there's really no way i can completely shrug off such horrible losses.

it was a combination of bad cards, getting outdrawn, tilt, and bad play. (i'll spare you the bad beat stories; i'm sure you've more than enough) and i tried to cheer myself up telling myself that if i continue to play smart, the cards would come. the deck would turn in my favor again. but when it doesn't happen, i can't help but feel awful. today was close to the horrible losses i suffered when i was playing limit. just losing hand after hand. i won 2 out of 124 hands. that has to be some kind of record, right? sigh.

i can't believe that the no limit tables are actually tightening up. the average pot at the $25 buy-in no limit tables used to be in the high twenties. now, it's very hard finding a table with an average pot above $25. where have all the fish gone? and pot limit tables are overtaking no limit tables in having the highest average pots as well as the 6 max short-handed tables. this reminds me of the limit tables i was playing in before play got extremely tight, and i decided to leave it for the fishier no limit games. what's going on? are the fish really migrating to different games? or are they just leaving party? hmm.

current bankroll: 300

not a good day of poker. not good at all.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004


nothing much to do today, soi was bored, and i thought i would play some poker to fill in the time. looking at the no limit tables when i came across some 6 max tables. they didn't have these before, did they? if they did, i never noticed them. so i hopped into a seat and was excited to play some short-handed no limit. except i kept getting killed.

i couldn't get any decent hand, and i ended up just throwing away my money. after a couple big losses, i went on tilt and lost over 50 in a matter of thrity minutes.

it's been a while since i've really gone on tilt like this. and i thought i had a good handle on it, but i guess not. so i'm definitely going to have to work on that along with my atrocious short-handed play. to make matters worse, i sat at a table filled with sharks. yup, i was the sucker at this table today.

current bankroll: 347.51

not good. but i don't feel too bad. i'm, in a weird way, kind of glad i got that out of my system. i'm going to go back to the regular full-handed tables and play my best.

Monday, April 05, 2004

the party continues

i keep telling myself that i won't play more than two tables at a time, but i couldn't resist today when i found so many attractive tables. and i figured, hey, if i can handle it, why not? but the problem is i can't handle it.

i ended up playing three tables mostly, and four for a short period of time during my session today. and i fell victim to what i was afraid of, i could not keep track of all the tables at once and started playing badly. but it wasn't just the bad play, when i started getting outdrawn on, i knew i had to tighten down. so i clicked away the fourth table when my pocket aces fell to an ace-jack suited who drew to and inside straight draw calling my all-in on the flop. and i focused on my other three tables. one of them was starting to get very tight and not very profitable, so i paid less attention to it knowing that i would close that window before it got my big blind.

during my session, my mid pocket pairs never played well; got big slick twice, and they both got no help; as i mentioned, my aces couldn't win, but my pocket kings gave me the biggest pot of the session when i flopped a set against four opponents: three would call and stay to play until the river (one of them flopped two pair). so i ended up despite my bust out from a table very early in the session. my birthday just continues to be good.

current bankroll: 400.26

doing some quick calculations (although i know i haven't played nearly enough hours to have any decent statistics), my hourly rate is up to 41.71. but i know this is an anomaly due to my big win today. i expect my hourly rate to go down to about 20 to 25 as the hours i log grow (which is far more realistic). but so far, it ain't bad, not bad at all. of course after big wins like today, i hit a long run of cold cards and incur big losses. but i'm determined to play on and play the hours not the results. good day and good luck at the tables.

interesting weekend

tried playing in a multi-table tournament over the weekend. i busted out early when i let my brother take over the reins for a couple minutes while i took a break...bad idea. but it's not that he played bad hands; he just didn't have the experience. he (we) went out with AQo in early position...troublesome, troublesome hand. i believe that with more playing time my brother will eventually be able to play those type of hands better.

last night, i went to play poker at a friend's limit hold'em with blinds at a quarter and fifty cents. at first i didn't think i could go because i had to go back to my apartment at night for school today, but things somehow worked out and i ended up going...and i'm glad i did.

i ended up around sixty five bucks (profit) for the night...not bad for about two and a half hours of poker among friends. table was full: eight-handed, and we even had to rotate people in and out when a ninth player showed up. packed house, and a good night of poker for me. everyone was loose-passive, mostly calling stations except for one maniac in the game. he kept re-buying which i believe mostly ended up in my or another player's pockets.

i was disconcerted early on; i couldn't catch a hand or a flop. but towards the end of the night, the deck just kept hitting (more like pounding me over the head with a sledgehammer) me in the face. ace-jack in mid position; flop top two pair; slowplay; let the maniac do all the raising; wait for the calling stations to do all the calling, and then take their money at the showdown when i go all-in. play top pair on the flop strong to the river to get called down by players with second pair.

one little antsy moment came when a player kept asking people who already folded their hands for advice when he was in a pot. i let it slide a couple times, but he kept doing it against me, and i really believe it cost me a few hands. he kind of got pissed off when i brought that up and asked (politely) to keep it one player to a hand. he finally cooled down and ended up busting out to me, so i didn't feel too bad. (now that i think about it, maybe i should have just let him continue to do whatever he wanted considering he was bound to lose all his money anyway...nah...)

last hand of the night, i had pocket fives and flopped a set. slowplayed to the maniac and took two players all-in. nice night. it was a good b-day present.

happy birthday to me, by the way. i'm 22, or as paul magriel (sp?) would say, "quack, quack." =)

Thursday, April 01, 2004


i've just realized what the most frustrating thing in the world is: it's being on the waiting list for an hour for a table that has the biggest sucker in the world on it. a loose aggressive, maniac player who bets with nothing on every single hand is sitting at a table taking and giving away most of other suckers' money, and i'm on the outside looking in, waiting for a seat to open up so that i can get a chance (no, it's guaranteed that i'll make money off of this guy). but i can't, because i can't get a damn seat. because everyone at the table knows he's a huge sucker and won't give up their seat no matter how many times they bust out to his wild draws. supposed "better" players have busted out and reloaded over five times trying to make their money back against this guy. and here i am, waiting, writing in this blog trying to fill in the time. so frustrating... after an hour of waiting, i finally got a seat at the table i wanted, except i took the seat of the fish!!! sigh. but the very first hand i played, i got pocket queens and was able to double up with a flopped set and quads on the river, so all was not lost. =) but the thought of waiting and not being able to play against that guy. i'll just have to make it up next time i see him on the fish finder. =)

current bankroll: 260.06